Ovaltine​/​Fast Times @Riot Grrl High​/​Stop Saying Her Name

by Eric Gaffney Recordings (1988 to 2016)



A new song... Ovaltine... Song #2 a revisit of 'fast times at riot grrl high' (a take on Julienne... i wrote this in 1993, but was never released... there's a BBC Session of me playing it w. my old band etc)
Song #3 another new song (acoustic/vocal/slide acoustic) recorded on 4-Track Cassette

how i met swami muktananda… somewheres weird in new york state, circa 1980. he was trying to hit me with a feather so i moved out the way… the food was terrible and had to pretend to meditate for far too long… the christmas lights on the scary elephant monster were ok. he died 2 years later.

how i met henry rollins… same story, walking down the street, circa 1995, on a long stretch of The Bowery NYC… could see a figure coming up the sidewalk and as it approached, noticed it was henry rollins. didn't say hi.

How I met St. Vincent… Summer 2009 she was walking down the street so i said hi. Probably chatted for no more than 1 minute. Seemed genuine. Her hair is now like an electrified bleached rat's nest so might not recognize her.


released May 2, 2017

"The Meat Eaters (Hugh-Mans) are angry in general, because the fear and pain of the animal that's killed for their consumption gets trapped inside their bodies, brain and and the animal's soul has no escape out of the meat eating man except for man (diseased neandertroll) to emit man anger and stupidity... I wonder if meat eaters ever dream about eating meat and the animals raped, tortured, killed, chopped up, ground up, sliced and diced for their appetite for animals flesh meat"



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Eric Gaffney Recordings (1988 to 2016) New York, New York

Eric (co-founder of Sebadoh & Grey Matter (WMHC)
'Recording on 4-track cassette since 1986'

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