Titan Space Heater

by Eric (Sebadoh co-founder)

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I had an idea to consolidate a bunch of random tracks that i've had up since February 2012 to compile as a new collection CHRIST, THE LORD, Jesus' Greatest Hits! ~ The selected songs here were recorded October 2009 through November, 2010 & a few additional tracks recorded through October 2011, then & added GO VEGAN, recorded March 2013 (my newest song, the 4-track finally broke again, clamping the tape in so had to open it up with a screwdriver, remove the tape, hold it together with duct tape then did the vocals and mixed it) so... my most recent recordings collected here! Extracted five tracks from the end of Sailor on the Rainpool Seas (so that record is now Recorded 2007-2009 with the more recent tracks appearing here) >If i had sold more than 5 of 'em since February i would have left it as it were. Pulled some of the best tracks from '09-10 from Big Rock Candy Mountain (available in it's entirety at www.fieldsofgaffney.bandcamp.com) CONTAINS EIGHT hidden bonus tracks... 'Ridin on the Road with Sebadoh" Covers of Flipper, Suburban Lawns, Clarence 'Frogman' Henry, Paul Mauriat, Bo Diddley, Rufus Thomas, Charley Pattton & Willie Dixon~ Home's in Montana,


released March 15, 2013



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Eric (Sebadoh co-founder)

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Track Name: Smiling Dormouse
none, it's got no words... capo 3rd fret